“Four Invisibles” to continue the experience at home

  • Perfumes – silent clothes, you don’t see them but you smell them
  • Shaving products and facial care – absorbed
  • Body care and hygiene products – you know…others “feel it”
  • Products for skin and hair – everything is rinsed, the value remains

Shampoos for skin, hair and body are produced by O WAI, an Italian company.
O WAI is committed to following criteria of naturalness and eco-sustainability, both in terms of production and CO2 emissions, as well as the use of biodegradable and reusable packaging.

For the world of beards, the invisible third, the products are from the line:
“Single Blade” – traditional style of Proraso,

O WAI innovative style with creams to be distributed with just fingers to massage and stay in contact with the “skin”

Lastly, the perfumes are invisible: my curiosity and my constant search make me say that they will not always be the same;
certainly you will always find NOBILE 1942, a line dedicated to me by its creator.